People first

Everything else can wait

Sure, we build products and design brands. But it's people we genuinely love. And that includes you!

Are you a designer? Great! Or maybe you need our know-how for a gig? Even better!

Our job is to connect you two and let you do your thing — no middlemen involved. Unless you really-really want them (you don’t).

The ground rules: do a kick-ass job, have a good time and be nice to each other. It's what this world needs.


People are our thing, so we threw an event to get them all in one place. Then, we put some big brains on stage and let them argue.

Team retreats

Too much gin or too much tonik? Yeah, that was the level of humor there. But it sounded SO FUNNY at the time!


Kacper Blonsky — ELUWINA!!!

Dribbble meetup

Nope, we didn’t discuss design & dev collaboration or differences between agency vs freelance.

Quarantine & tonik

We quickly realized the 'two weeks to flatten the curve' is an overly optimistic scenario and called up a backup for the team.

Nobody’s ever looking over my shoulder or distracting me with nonsense — unless it’s memes. That’s cool tho.



This party made us work harder than any other project. Sorry, clients!

Every day here feels like sitting at the cool kids’ table.


Winter holidays

It’s THE time to spoil people around (us included) with cool gadgets. Never say no to extra love (when it's consensual)!


Treat yourself.

Saving tigers

You don’t say 'later' when a local zoo needs money to rescue ill-treated tigers. You make limited prints that help them raise 5 figures.

The hottest drop of 2k20

If you’re lame, you just slap a logo on a hoodie. When you’re us, you create a brand for merch people actually wear.



Came for design & money, stayed for the people. No matter if I’m up or down, I can count on these folks.


Business trips

If the talks sound cool and there's a quality after party on the agenda, we're there.

I wanted to build the hottest products. Joined tonik, been doing it ever since.



Let’s help the largest polish charity event with our 3d skills and BMW ride auction. 
A match made in heaven!


Too many (drinks) to recall them all, so we take pics to remember. Here are some SFW.


Young Leosia — Jungle Girl

Take care

It’s all love — we don’t hire assholes or work for them. Let’s keep things nice and thrive!


Always overdeliver

Think IKEA: you go for one thing, but end up with much more. Same here — except no time or money wasted.

Never settle

We're not the type that nags people for permission. You see a problem or get an amazing idea — you act.

Don't lie, ever

Making up stuff is good for politics. We are more the crystal-clear types, not the ones playing hide-and-seek — unless it's for fun!

Meet the crew

The most solid team you’ll ever work with


Known for

🔥 Adrian Przetocki

Product Designer

Shazam-class ear for music

🚀 Aga Kaczmarek

Head of Delivery

Hyperpop-rich playlists

⛰ Bartek Krakowski


Daily cup of speciality coffee

🙃 Damian Redecki

Head of Design

Mean whiskey sours

🍎 Dawid Domagała

Product Designer

Knocking down right hooks

✌️ Fabian Barszcz

Product Designer

Action-packed drone movies

🥚 Jacek Janiczak

Brand Designer & Illustrator

Star Wars collectibles

🤔 Kacper Biedka


Launching side hustles

🎸 Kacper Kowalski

Product Designer

Hard rock riffs

🐍 Karina Tarhoni

Product Designer

Binge-watching 80s horrors

🧙Karol Dera

Product Designer

Mad FIFA tricks

🐔 Kasia Drążewska

Brand Copywriter

Aiming for ataraxia

🐩 Klaudia Zawodnik


Always 1st at gokarting

🐨 Krzysztof Zięba


Espresso & red wine combo

👊 Łukasz Wójcik

Product Designer

Biking wherever possible

👨Maciej Trzciński


Vegan with carnivore dog

🚁 Maciej Żelaznowski

Brand Designer

Natural stand-up skills

🐾 Magda Krejer

Product Designer

Hiking her way thorugh

🦋 Magda Wolańska

Office Manager

Perfect pitch

⚡️ Marcin Jóźwiak

Product Designer

Big brain investments

🦕 Maria Biernat

Project Manager

Restoring PRL-era furniture

🦆 Marta Konieczna

Product Designer

Raising the cuttest doggo

🤙 Martin Chełminiak


BMX backflips

🐻 Martyna Anessi

People & Culture

Late night baking

🐉 Martyna Królikowska

Product Designer

Acing Sailor Moon trivia

🗿 Michał Jabłoński

Product Designer

Chopping samples

😶 Mikołaj Biernat

Product Designer

Vibin’ to vinyl records

🛤️ Mikołaj Szymkowiak

Product Designer

Heavily inked sleeves

🦄️ Natalia Żerko

Brand Designer

Punch needle embroidery

🌊 Patryk Rokicki

Project Manager

Weekly sneaker reselling

🌁 Patryk Sobczak


#1 crypto news source

😎 Piotr Goszczyński

Head of Development

Love for car racing simulators

🐋  Piotr Kaźmierczak

Product Designer

Hours spent with LEGO

🏎️ Przemysław Kosiński

Product Designer

Racing RC models

🌵 Roch Goszczyński


Sprint faster than Sonic

🛰️ Ryszard Czernik

Product Designer

Effortlessly cycling 100km

🌴 Szymon Michalczyk

Product Designer

Taste-testing MCD's burgers

🥦 Szymon Mółka

Product Designer

Mixology expert

🚜 Tomasz Groborz

Junior Product Designer

Tractors admiration

🥊 Weronika Prasek

Product Designer

High adrenaline sports

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Senior Product Designer

13,000–∞ PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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Regular Product Designer

7,000–12,000 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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Junior Product Designer

4,500–6,000 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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No-Code Developer {Webflow}

10,000–16,000 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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Brand Designer

7,000–14,000 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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7,000–14,000 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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Office Assistant

4,500–6,500 PLN + VAT  ·  20–26 paid days off

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